Entourage CBD Oil 800mg


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CBD Entourage oil blended with olive oil in a 20ml bottle. Our popular entourage 'cannabis blend' in 3 higher strengths.

800mg Entourage Oil

  • 800mg CBD & CBDa per 20ml bottle
  • 6.4mg CBD per spray

What is a CBD Entourage Oil?

 Professor Robert Mechoulam the first person to isolate CBD in cannabis suggested that combining cannabinoids from the plant improves the effectiveness. This means including more than just CBD. Our Entourage oil is a full spectrum blend which includes:

  • CBD
  • CBDa
  • CBG
  • Terpenes

 Terpenes are the essential oil of the cannabis plant and are an important part of the oil blend. Our Entourage cocktail includes a full spectrum of cannabinoids from cannabis plants grown on pesticide free farms from differing geographical locations. CO2 extracted compounds that do not involve the use of solvents. Simply warm air passed over the concentrated cannabis flowers. 

  • Full Spectrum Cannabinoid extraction
  • No solvents used in the extraction process
  • From plants grown on pesticide free farms
  • Simply CBD extract and olive oil
  • No added flavourings or chemicals
  • Contains only trace amounts of THC
  • Vegan and lactose friendly


 It is very important to start with a small dose and work your way up. The sensitivity to CBD varies person to person and this enables you to find the dose that is right for you. 

  1. Begin with a single spray for 3 days
  2. Increase to a single spray 3 times per day with food
  3. If needed build to 2 sprays 3 times per day (6 sprays)

We do not recommend taking more than 9 sprays in a day. 

Our CBD products contain below 0.01% THC.

CBD is fat soluble which means that it needs a route directly into the bloodstream to be most effective. We achieve this by spraying the oil directly under the tongue (sublingual). Holding the oil under the tongue for 2 minutes enables the maximum amount of CBD to reach the bloodstream. 

Product ref: GGENTOIL20

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