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Our Story

Green Goddess was born out of a desire to take better care of myself and others. I used to be a steel buyer in a previous life, property developer in my spare time and mum of three. Life was fast and demanding which left me anxious and exhausted. There is only so long you can keep up that pace and eventually I burnt out. I woke up one morning and felt like an engine stuck on high rev. 

So I let go of some stuff (imperative) and studied for a few years. Eventually setting up a health coaching practice in Bedfordshire specialising in anxiety and stress management. As part of my coaching I began putting together my own natural health products for my patients and demand grew. I was lucky enough to secure 18 months inside an entrepreneurial accelerator and launched 3 products as Green Goddess in 2016. As happens, it was never part of the original plan. 

What else can I tell you?

I drive an electric car and am self building an Eco House (yes I am a lentil munching hippy at heart). 

I am a firm believer in volunteering your time for a good cause and work in schools service for the NSPCC and as a Crisis Volunteer for Shout. 

My passion and purpose is to empower others to improve their mental and physical health. Every product we create stems from this motivation.

I still work within my practice, experimenting with new products and developing only those that I believe can make a difference. 


We believe in natural, evidence based solutions to our shared health problems and that prevention is always better than cure.      

Wellness is really about:

  • Mind, body & soul
  • Balance
  • Finding meaning and purpose
  • Play
  • Connection
  • Nature, adventure, movement and the moment

One of the best ways to show yourself you care is through your diet. Everybody has different needs so spend time exploring what foods make you feel vital and alive. Knowing you are giving your body the very best makes you happy on every level.

Surround yourself with amazing people. Spend time with those you love creating memories and building stories.

Make your home somewhere to retreat and relax. Create a place of sanctuary. Introduce a little ritual into your life. Honouring yourself and your environment.

Be kind to your skin and avoid harsh chemicals. Be kind to the planet and make choices to be proud of.   

Immerse yourself in nature to boost your wellbeing and explore its rich pharmacy. 

Be present its the only place that matters.Turn off the gadgets and really savour the moment.

Slow life down. It doesn't make you less productive, it makes you more productive. Your quality of life improves, wellbeing and focus. You don't miss the miracles but immerse yourself in life, experiencing its richness and magic. 



 Angelina Nizzardi MCMA, MNCP, MAC (Founder Green Goddess)