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80% of Women gong through the menopause will experience some symptoms. That's lots of us, despite the fact menopause has rarely been talked about. 

Menopause is more than hot flushes.

Perimenopause can begin long before your periods stop and can bring about symptoms such as intense fatigue, joint pain, disrupted sleep, mood swings and increase in hair growth (not necessarily in the places you expect). Many Women tell us symptoms differ month to month and this is due to the fluctuations in both your oestrogen and progesterone levels. These fluctuating hormones can also cause hot flushes, night sweats, nerve sensitivity, weight gain, thinning hair, memory loss (brain fog), joint pain, anxiety, insomnia, headaches and loss of libido. Many women find symptoms start with perimenopause through menopause and often after periods cease altogether.  

Remember these symptoms are part of a natural life transition. It can be reassuring to understand what is happening and why. You are not alone and there are many natural options to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms. Oh and it does end and you may feel quite liberated!

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