Himalayan Salt Lamp


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Pure Himalayan salt lamps with a natural wooden base.

Green Goddess Himalayan Salt Lamps are formed from the naturally occurring salt rocks at the foothills of the Himalayas. The salt is collected from mines 800m below ground level. Bringing Himalayan salt into the home and gently heating through the lamp helps change positively ionized air into negatively ionized air.

Our homes are invariably filled with technology that emits positive ions. The TV, computers, hand held devices.... These positive ions can induce stress, allergies and disrupt sleep. Salt lamps can help to minimise these effects in the home. It is better to have as many sources of negative ion's in the home as possible to benefit from this neutralisation. 

Remember how rejuvenated you felt after spending time by the sea? How you felt relaxed, rested and slept better? Its the positive effect of negative Ions on our body, particularly health boosting by water. 

Himalayan salt lamps are wonderfully Hygge. The Danish way of living and furnishing their homes that is both comforting and cosy. They emit a warm glow that welcomes you home. Perfect in a nook that provides sanctuary after a stressful day or by your bed to encourage a restful nights sleep.    

Himalayan salt lamps induce the same 'cosy' feelings as sitting by a fire or flickering candle light. They naturally bring on relaxation in stark contrast to the constant blue light emissions from our devices. 

One of the biggest benefits of salt lamps is that they are hygroscopic. What does this mean? Simply put it attracts moisture to its surface and gently evaporates it. There are tiny particles of water in your home that carry allergens, mould and bacteria that are cleared by your lamp.

100% Natural Himalayan salt so pure you can sprinkle it on your plate.
Salt is a natural crystal that attracts moisture from the air. We recommend enjoying your lamp in a warm, dry area such as the living room or bedroom. If the environment is too damp or cold it could melt your lamp.
Setting up your Himalayan Salt Lamp
  1.  The lamp takes a 15w pygmy screw in bulb. We do make life easy and supply one with every lamp purchased.
  2. Remove the protective film from the lamp.
  3. Screw the lightbulb into the power cable end.
  4. Squeeze the metal clips together and insert into the hollow base of the salt lamp.
  5. Plug in the cable and switch on.
We recommend placing your lamp on a protective surface as a precaution. The light emissions will vary lamp to lamp given the natural material.   

Note: Because salt lamps are hygroscopic you might notice a slight sweating on the surface. 

The Himalayan Salt lamp takes a 15w screw in bulb.


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