High Altitude Lavender Essential Oil


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Our Lavender essential oil comes from high altitude lavender that grows on the slopes of Mont Blanc in France where it is harvested.

The high altitude variety of Lavender contains exceptionally high levels of Linalyl Acetate (Ester). It is this therapeutic compound that supports sleep and relaxation. Therefore our lavender oil has been chosen for its superior sleep and stress reducing properties.

Method of extraction.

Our Lavender essential oil has been steam distilled from the flowering tops. The flowers are picked in the morning dew and distilled immediately to support natural ester levels, quality and quantity.

  • Lavender oil has been studied as a treatment for mild insomnia with positive results.
  • As an aromatherapy treatment oil, Lavender proved to reduce anxiety and improve sleep in ICU patient study. 
  • Lavender may slow down the nervous system helping to reduce anxiety, stress and help you drift off to sleep.
  • Lavender decreases heart rate and blood pressure putting you in a relaxed state.
  • A study finds that inhaling lavender oil puts you in a relaxed state.
(From the study) Lavender oil caused significant decreases of blood pressure, heart rate and skin temperature, which indicated a decrease of autonomic arousal in terms of mood responses. The subjects in the Lavender oil group 
categorised themselves as more active, fresher, relaxed than subjects just inhaling base oil. 

How to use Lavender Oil.

  1. To relief stress quickly put 2-3 drops of the oil in your cupped hands and directly inhale. Keep a bottle in your bag for planes, trains and stressful environments!
  2. 10 drops in your bath will help you relax at the end of the day.
  3. Put 2-3 drops of oil in your hands at bedtime and rub together before lightly rubbing onto your pillow.
  4. Massage a few drops into your temples for tension headaches.
  5. Use directly in an oil burner or aroma stone. 


As with all essential oils, we would not recommend using whilst pregnant.