Green Goddess CBD Oil Spray  (250mg & 500mg CBD)
Green Goddess CBD Oil Spray  (250mg & 500mg CBD)
Green Goddess CBD Oil Spray  (250mg & 500mg CBD)
Green Goddess CBD Oil Spray  (250mg & 500mg CBD)
Green Goddess CBD Oil Spray  (250mg & 500mg CBD)

Green Goddess CBD Oil Spray (250mg & 500mg CBD)

Green Goddess

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 Our CBD oil sprays are made using the highest CBD cannabis plants. You can choose between two different strengths either 250mg CBD or 500mg CBD in a 20ml spray bottle.

Green Goddess CBD oil spray is 100% natural which means we have not added ingredients for a particular flavour or texture. You are getting pure CBD oil and MCT oil in our sprays. The MCT oil comes from coconut oil and is considered excellent at aiding your bodies absorption of cannabinoids. It also has a very mild taste which is good as we recommend spraying the CBD oil underneath the tongue and holding the oil there for two minutes.

Our CBD oil contains an array of terpenes and cannabinoids including:

  • 250mg or 500mg of CBD per 20ml bottle(depending on your strength choice)
  • 500mg = 4mg of CBD per spray
  • 250mg = 2mg of CBD per spray
  • Trace amounts of THC

Ingredients: Cannabis extract, MCT (from coconut). Contains trace THC less than .02% 

Dosage: Our 20ml bottles contain roughly 120 sprays. 

Every persons sensitivity to CBD oil is different. You may need a stronger or lesser dose and the best way to discover this is by starting with a small dose and increasing the amount you take if needed.

We recommend:

  1. 1 spray under the tongue with food to begin. Each time hold the oil under the tongue for two minutes.
  2. Once you have tried this for a few days and are happy move on to 1 spray  2 times a day with food.
  3. If you feel comfortable with the result move onto 1 spray with food 3 times per day.
  4. After two weeks you can move on to 2 sprays each time with food 3 times per day. Again move through the increased number of sprays over a few days before increasing.   
  5. We do not recommend more than 9 sprays per day.
Why spray under the tongue?
CBD oil is fat soluble which means it will pass through your system without being absorbed by your body. By spraying the CBD under the tongue it has a direct route into the blood stream. Hold the oil for two minutes (the longer the better).
    • Green Goddess CBD oil is vegan and lactose friendly.
    • The CBD oil comes from cannabis plants (hemp) that are grown on farms that do not use pesticides, herbicides or harmful chemicals.
    • Contains only hemp oil and MCT oil from coconut.
    • Our CBD oil is classified as a food supplement.
    • Intended for oral use only do not vaporise. 

    Delivery information: Please note we ship CBD products inside the UK & Europe but due to varied laws governing CBD Oil do not ship outside of these Countries.  

    Green Goddess does not make any medical claims about our CBD products and sell them as a food supplement.