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Bergamot Essential Oil (FCF Free)

Bergamot Essential Oil (FCF Free)

Green Goddess

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Bergamot Oil from the foothills of Sicily. Bergamot Oil is extracted from the leaves of the Bergamot tree with its white flowers and small pitted, orange like ftuit.

Bergamot oil is well known as both a relaxant and lifter of spirits, scientifically proven to stimulate both serotonin and dopamine production. It is said to support the central nervous system, easing anxiety and over thinking.

  • Bergamot Oil from Italy. 
  • Sweet lemon scent with warm balsamic and floral undertones.
  • An uplifting scent that promotes positivity. 
  • Stimulates serotonin and dopamine. 
  • A calming scent perfect for the diffuser or direct inhalation.
A study published in 2011 found that the compounds alpha-pinene and limonene in Bergamot oil act as antidepressants. In addition the flavonoids in Bergamot are excellent relaxants.
How to use: Bergamot oil can be inhaled directly from the bottle or placed on a tissue for inhalation throughout the day. Diffusing Bergamot is calming and a way to fill your home  with a heavenly scent.