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Natural ways to sleep better

Natural Ways To Sleep Better

Sleep seems to have become a national preoccupation. How much do we need? How much are we getting? What effect is too little sleep having on us? Its enough to drive you to insomnia. 

We know that prolonged periods of poor sleep make us feel moody, crave sugar, carbohydrates and effect focus and concentration. Yet the experts are now telling us that these are only the immediate effects of sleep deprivation. The longer term implications have been linked to obesity, heart disease and shorter life expectancy. Its true, in our increasingly busy, gadget laden, 24 hour society sleep has become more elusive just as we discover how important it is.

As a guide we are told to get between 7-8 hours’ sleep per night. Stressing about these hours will be the first obstacle to dropping off! Keep perspective around sleep and accept that at times we do not get the prescribed amount of shut eye. Our number one tip would be to not worry about your sleep. Life can get in the way of notching up the hours and at these times good sleep hygiene with habits that support your total relaxation will be vital. See our 40 quick sleep tips for some instant changes to make today.      

Here are some of the most common reasons for poor sleep:

Poor sleep hygiene

Adopting a practical wind down routine to bed can be crucial to sleep quality. Moving from light to dark, warm to cool and eliminating blue screen from pre bedtime routine is vital to rest and relaxation. The answer is to turn off computers, phones and screens. Promoting relaxation through meditative practises, warm baths, reading and avoiding stimulating activities or media in the couple of hours before you want retire to bed.   

Anxiety and stress


Here are some tried and tested ways to fall asleep with a busy mind.

6 sleep tips for a busy mind

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