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Chamomile Calm

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Chamomile calm are whole, dried chamomile flowers for a pure taste of the plant. You can ditch your dusty teabag mixes, the flavour and strength of whole flowers is far superior and effective in its beneficial calming and relaxing effects!

Simply put 1 tsp of flowers into a tea diffuser and leave in your cup for a couple of minutes before enjoying straight up or with a little sweetener.

Chamomile tea contains essential oils,vitamins and minerals that have been proven to benefit health. 

  • Sleep & relaxation - Chamomile has a mild sedative effect which makes it popular as a tea for insomnia or disrupted sleep. As the effects of chamomile are only experienced directly after drinking it is best to drink before bed or in the night if you are struggling to drop back off after waking. 
  • Anxiety & stress relief - In study chamomile has been proven to significantly improve symptoms of mild to moderate generalised anxiety sufferers.
  • High in antioxidants - Chamomile's antioxidants are associated with an improved immune system, improved mood, reduced pain and healthier skin, hair and nails. 
  • Digestive health - Chamomile is good for digestive issues such as cramping, IBS, nausea, acid reflux. 
  • Pain relieving properties - Chamomile has natural pain relieving properties. Good for back pain, arthritis and muscle pain. In Mexico they give chamomile to Women after child birth to relax muscles and relieve pain. 
  • A study showed an immediate improvement in symptoms of depression and improved sleep quality in sleep deprived post natal women after drinking chamomile tea.




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