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Mum On The Run Shake With Organic Almond Milk

Are you a busy lady? Raiding the lunch box stash to refuel? Snacking on unhealthy food on the go? Tired? Need an energy boost? We made Mum On The Run just for you. A blend of organic natural superfoods to nourish and refuel. Fill yourself up first.

Some ideas.......Whisk with milk (almond, coconut and hemp are great). Mix with water. Sprinkle onto porridge, granola or mix with oats and milk overnight as a delicious bircher for the morning.

Contains: Raw Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Lucuma, Raw Organic Banana Powder, Organic Maca Powder.


Health Benefits of Mum On The Run

High fibre

High fibre foods help you feel fuller for longer. Can help with weight management and curb unhealthy snacking.

Reduce Tiredness and fatigue

The high Iron, magnesium and vitamin B2 contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue

Brain power

High Iron contributes to normal cognitive function.

Energy and metabolism

The iron and magnesium contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism


Iron contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

Lots more...........

High Iron

Iron contributes to normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin and normal oxygen transport in the body.

Iron has a role in the process of cell division.

High In Magnesium

Magnesium contributes to electrolyte balance, normal functioning of the nervous system,  normal muscle function, normal psychological function, maintenance of normal bones and teeth. Magnesium has a role in the process of cell division.

Vitamin B2

Maintenance of the normal function of the nervous system, normal skin and mucous membranes, normal red blood cells, normal skin and mucous membranes, normal vision, normal metabolism of iron.

Protection of DNA, proteins and lipids from oxidative damage.



Mother & baby Magazine 

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Mum On The Run Shake With Organic Almond Milk