The Tonic CBD Liquid Spray 500mg


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The Tonic liquid contains 500mg CBD and CBDa in every 20ml bottle. A CBD blend with a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes (the essential oil of the cannabis plant). 
  • 500mg CBD & CBDa in every 20ml bottle
  • 4mg CBD per spray
  • Cannabis extract and MCT oil (from coconuts)
  • From hemp flowers grown on pesticide free farms
  • Approx 120 sprays per bottle

The MCT oil in our Tonic blend is very mild to the taste. It is also a very good absorber of cannabinoids. 

Why spray under the tongue?

CBD oil is fat soluble which means it will pass through your system without being absorbed by your body. By spraying the CBD under the tongue it has a direct route into the blood stream. Hold the oil for two minutes (the longer the better).

The Tonic liquid comes as a sublingual spray. This means that you spray the blend directly under your tongue and hold it there for as long as possible. The 'not unpleasant taste' makes this far easier than many of the oils on the market.

    • Green Goddess CBD oil is vegan and lactose friendly.
    • The CBD oil comes from cannabis plants (hemp) that are grown on farms that do not use pesticides, herbicides or harmful chemicals.
    • Contains only hemp oil and MCT oil from coconut.
    • Our CBD oil is classified as a food supplement.
    • Intended for oral use only do not vape
    We always recommend starting any CBD product on the lowest dose if you have never tried CBD before. 
    • 1 spray for the first 3 days.
    • 2 sprays for the following few days.
    • 3 sprays after you have tried the smaller doses to asses how you feel.
    • If needed you can take 2 sprays 3 times per day (6 sprays in total).

    Try to take The Tonic with food.

    Our CBD products contain below 0.2% THC.

    Green Goddess is a member of the UK trade body Cannabis Professionals. Certification and membership is based on evaluation of our products, trading standards and marketing. The award is subject to continual monitoring.

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    Delivery information: Please note we ship CBD products inside the UK & Europe but due to varied laws governing CBD Oil do not ship outside of these Countries.  
    Green Goddess does not make any medical claims about our CBD products and sell them as a food supplement.