MR Moxey's CBD microdosed mints at Green Goddess
CBD Mints in the UK by Mr Moxey's at Green Goddess

Mr Moxey's 5mg CBD Herbal Mints

Green Goddess

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Mr Moxey's mints combine botanical herbs and CBD as a tasty way to micro dose your CBD throughout the day. Each mint contains 5mg of CBD and each tin contains 60 mints, 300mg of CBD.

The peppermint also contains Indian gooseberry and echinacea to soothe and centre. 

Mr Moxey's sources the best possible ingredients of highest quality and everything is organic. Carefully selected and combined herbs and CBD to micro dose throughout the day. Think of these mints as your daily top up of cannabidiol alongside healing herbs and fresh peppermint breath. 

  • 5mg CBD per mint
  • Indian gooseberry
  • Echinacea
  • 60 mints 300mg CBD per tin
  • Formulated to soothe and centre
  • Micro dosed with cannabis and herbs  
  • Discreet tin for dosing on the go
  • Textured mint for slow dissolving on the tongue.