CBD Entourage Oil 60 Capsules 600mg

CBD Entourage Oil 60 Capsules 600mg

Green Goddess

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A simple and natural blend of CBD oils in an easy to take capsule. Experience the entourage effect with a speciality blend of cannabis extract strains 3 years in the making. Blended with coconut oil which aids the absorption of CBD in the stomach.

Cannabinoids and Terpenes 

Each entourage capsule contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids including CBD, CBDa and CBG. It also contains terpenes, the essential oil of the cannabis plant. The terpenes include Myrcene, Limonene, Alpha-Pinene and Beta-Caryophyllene.  

The entourage effect

The entourage effect was introduced in cannabinoid science by Raphael Mechoulam, the Professor of medicinal chemistry who discovered THC and CBD. In short he proposed that Cannabis extract works more effectively when blended together. With this in mind our entourage capsules have been blended with differing strains of cannabis extract to produce an effective CBD cocktail with 10mg of CBD per capsule. 

Ingredients: Cannabis extract from pesticide, herbicide and chemical free farms in the Netherlands, Croatia, Slovenia and Lithuania and MCT from Coconut Oil.Contains trace THC less than .02% 

Dosage: Take one capsule daily for the first 3 days and build slowly if needed to 2 capsules 3 times per day with food.

Vegan and lactose friendly.

Green Goddess is a member of the UK trade body Cannabis Professionals. Certification and membership is based on evaluation of our products, trading standards and marketing. The award is subject to continual monitoring.

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Green Goddess does not make any medical claims about our CBD products and sell them as a food supplement.

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