Pudding Pizza

The base of our pudding pizza is simply flour, coconut oil, milk & egg. The topping can be tweaked to suit your taste. This chocolate, fruit & nut combo lasted 10 minutes on the table!

Pizza Base Ingredients:

150g plain flour

60g Raw Organic Coconut Oil

1 egg & 50ml of milk beaten together

A few drops of vanilla essence

Place the flour in a bowl and rub the coconut oil into the flour until it forms a breadcrumb texture. Beat the egg & milk together – add a few drops of Vanilla essence. Slowly mix in the liquid mixture stirring until the dough begins to firm (you may not need it all)

Flour a board and roll out the dough into a round.

The topping: A chocolate base tastes good & you can use melted raw chocolate or chocolate spread. We added sliced bananas & strawberries with crushed nuts (my Son sneaked in some chocolate chip cookies).

Serve cut into slices with some whipped cream if you are feeling particularly hedonistic!

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